Art of Speed Malaysia 2018 (Part 1)

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Art of Speed Malaysia is an annual event featuring lots of artwork in various form including canvas, poster, moving visual, sculpture and rolling art. Art of Speed (AoS) 2018 was held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) last week which showcase Malaysia’s very own homegrown Ol-Skool & Kustom Kulture. It’s an annual treat for motorheads to showcase their work which consists of customized/restored cars and bikes to modern customized cars and bikes.

My friends and I planned for this visit on Sunday morning, we had our breakfast near Puchong around 8.30 AM and have some chit-chat before departing for MAEPS. We carpool together to there to avoid paying so much for parking and looking for car park space. MAEPS is a very large area and plenty of events are often held here due to the space that can be rented and plenty of parking space as well.

Carpooling is the best when attending events together with friends

We reach around 10 AM which is when the event was supposed to starts but the entrance ticket that we are getting allow us to go into the exhibition hall at 11 AM and if you want early access you need to pay double which I’m not sure why do they even want to do that 🤔. Hence, we visit around the stalls and shop which is open outside of the exhibition mall to kill off some waiting time, the weather is freaking good and hot at the same time 😅.

AOS 2018 Ticket (11AM 🙈), 10AM ticket is RM 30.


I’m sure some of you know what is this and which car it belongs together 😬


Because having a stall is too mainstream, why not just use a bus instead right?


Tamiya Car Collection

As time fly fast forward, we head towards to Hall A to check out some Old School, Restoration & Customized cars and bikes. Enjoy these picture that I’ve taken over my visit to this huge exhibition hall, plenty of cars, bikes and people walking around enjoying themselves.

1996 Subaru E12 Domingo (E-FA8), Manual 6 Speed Transmission with 4WD with stock 1200cc (EF12) engine.


Greeny Little Monster Truck



Nissan Engine mounted on a customized bike skeleton


Datsun 240Z


Carbon Fibred 1st Generation Honda Civic


Now these are some good and clean looking old school pickups 😎


Found this air pump which you can’t find at any petrol station nowadays.


Nissan 300ZX / Fairlady Z


Red Shiny Clean Mini Austin


BMW 6 Cylinder FTW Engine, look at those open pod intakes!


Modified pop-up headlamps, now not so pop-up eh?


Fancy decorated


Clean Whitey Honda Civic EK Hatch


Tofu Delivery Toyota AE86

Walked a few hours just on Hall A, but we’ll be continuing Hall C at the next post as there are quite a few of photos and I do not want to spam it all in one post. I hope you all enjoy reading and looking at those photos, stay tuned to my next post.

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