Meetup #37 – Supercharge Meetup with @superoo7

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Monday blue wasn’t that blue when you’re having durians and big hug yummy burger’s for the night as we’ll are having some awesome meetup with @superoo7 before his departure back to Australia.

Our meetup kickstart at Say Heng Durian Stall, USJ 14 but knowing that traffic can be a bit tad overkill on this hour and many Steemians were unable to attend for this session, only @superoo7, @xinyun02 and me went for the durian as our appetizer. We got ourself straight for the Musang King without eye-ing on any other durians.

King of Durian, Musang King

After our appetizer and waiting for the traffic to be cleared out a bit, we then head over to Big Hug Burger, Subang SS15 to have our dinner and other Steemians are there waiting for us.

Surprisingly there are quite a lot of people on a Monday night at Big Hug Burger and took a while for us to get our order while we’re chit-chatting, updating each other and taking wefie that you can’t possibly forget this. We had @bitrocker2020, @davidke20, @littlenewthings, @zord189, @chloephuan93, @karinzdailygrind and lastly @kymio who came to surprise us.

Wefie by @bitrocker2020

Finally my dinner, Mario Beef Burger had arrived and there I go eating my juicy burger while professional sketcher, @kymio sketching my burger that he snapped a picture of besides me. Definitely, I need to learn some sketching from the Pro himself and @kymio need to have Masterclass for Steemians! 🙈

Mario Beef Burger

@kymio's sketch of my dinner.

Our meetup lasts till the closing of any restaurant that we possibly at every time and we’re looking forward to meeting up with @superoo7 again at this coming November if you’re missing this one out.

There’s another upcoming meetup with @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation this Saturday that @zord189 and @elizacheng are organizing as I’ll be at Penang at that period and hopefully be able to come back to meet up again. As of August, I’m sure a lot of you know that @scrooger is coming to Malaysia and we’re looking forward to meeting up with him.

Planning is in the progress and I’ll update everything with TeamMalaysia, stay tuned on Discord 😆

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