Meetup #38 – Surprise Crashing on Ladies of Asia’s Meetup

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Last Saturday, while most people were expecting I’ll be attending the Penang Rendezvous at Quay Strait, Penang which I did plan to go but due to some personal tasks need to be taken care of hence the plan didn’t proceed as intended. Therefore, it becomes an awesome surprise to just went for Ladies of Asia’s meetup that was taken place at Pudu.

I was late for the dinner but managed to catch up and surprise them while they all finishing their dinner. Finally, meeting up with @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation for the first time and we all have a small chat before going off as many people are queuing outside waiting for seats. Before heading to our dessert shop, we took some wefie together by @zord189

Parking in Pudu on a Saturday night is a major headache especially near the dessert shop at Pudu too, took me a few rounds around the corner and still can’t find a parking 😅 hence I’ve become the a**hole doing the double parking 🙈. Since I’ve missed out the dinner just now, therefore dessert becomes my dinner of the night and while @joannewong writing down our order, waiting patiently for my dinner is the key.

We always missed the egg tart when we’re here eating our dessert because it was sold out, but we managed to get the last 4 egg tarts that night (9.00PM). Soon, our dessert finally served up on a big round tray by the waitress and I think she remembers us as the people who love to take photos of everything, she asked us “don’t want to take picture ah?” 😂

A mixture of Different Dessert
Egg Tarts
@zord189 starting off the food taking process
Now everyone queuing up taking photo of the dessert
Professional Photographer on Duty

Started off with @zord189, then followed by @livinguktaiwan, @jrvacation, @elizacheng, @littlenewthings, @joannewong and our professional photographer @orangila. Everyone is queueing up to take a picture of every food and desserts that are served onto the table, everything is content as our slogan in TeamMalaysia.

I’ve ordered my “dinner” which is black sesame, peanut paste and egg egg (蛋蛋) totally recommend this combo. It’s so fulfilling my tummy 🙈 with joy and satisfaction 😬.

My Dinner
Finished within 15 minutes 🙈

It’s been a wonderful night hanging out, chit-chatting and talk about random stuff with Ladies of Asia and Team Malaysia Steemians, before we called it a night as it’s getting late for @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation, we took another wefie and this time around with some Team Malaysia Steemians (@bitrocker2020 and @karinzdailygrind) who can’t join us on this meetup.

Another round of wefie with some phones together 😬
Totally random wefie
Ladies of Asia's Wefie

We hope @livinguktaiwan & @jrvacation enjoy our TeamMalaysia hospitality and looking forward to meeting up in the near future together. Steem Fest is just around the corner and we’re all very excited about it and already in the midst of discussion for the flight tickets.

Before ending this post, if you’ve missed out this meetup with Ladies of Asia, no worries! As we have another meet up on this coming Friday, who is it? Find out more details about the meetup “HERE“.

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