What’s Your Favourite Pizza Restaurant?

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They say Pizza is Life 🙈 , well this is my favourite place for pizza currently. It’s located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas called Fahrenheit 600 which serves not only Pizza but a lot varies of freshly baked bread, coffee, pasta, burgers, tacos and breakfast dishes along with it.

Two reasons why I love to have my pizza right here, firstly the crust is fully loaded & crunchy as f**k and secondly, the pizza is fully loaded with ingredients and well worth the price.

Favourite Pizza of All: Henry the Duck

Favourite Drink of All: Yellow Buzzer

These two combo well and allows me to finish a 12-inch pizza alone by myself 😬. Just a few days back when I visit Fahrenheit 600 again and had this drink with another type of pizza.

A good place to chill and have your late brunch or dinner there! Even Amber Chia was there that evening when I’m enjoying my meal 😅 but didn’t manage to take a selfie with her. TeamMalaysia should definitely check it out

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